Nylon Gear Coupling

Nylon Gear Coupling comes under gear coupling have Reliable performance, they are Durable and have Sturdiness. It has a maximum bore size of 65 mm, has a bore size between 38 to 65mm, and has a pilot bore ranges 10 to 12mm, it’s speed is 500rpm & up. It is mostly used in motor or generator sets and motor or pump sets.

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Manufactured from optimum quality nylon, these lightweight and durable accessories are extremely popular among clients. 

It is a mechanical device applied for transmitting torque between two shafts that are not co-linear. It consists of a flexible joint which is fixed to each shaft are connected by a third shaft, called the spindle.

These gears are curved tooth couplings which consists of two steel crowned teeth hubs which are connected with nylon (Polyamide) toothed sleeve internally. These materials are resistant to all the usual commercial lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

These are available in various technical specifications 




  • Lightweight
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdiness
  • Durable


Used in motor or generator sets and motor or pump sets.


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