Flexible Drive Coupling

Flexible Drive Coupling or flexible coupling are applicable to all ranges of hydraulic equipment’s & in the transmission market Maintenance free no lubrication required. This material has superior strength and a wide operating temperature range. The gears have crowned-tooth form which permit axial and angular misalignment. It is having a power range upto 75hp. Speed Less than 3000 rpm and up, available in Stainless Steel, Nylon etc. materials.

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Flexible Drive Couplings are used for positive transmission of power from one shaft to another shaft. It has wide range of strength & operating temperature range. The gear has crowned tooth which permits axial & angular miss alignment.




o   Applicable to all ranges of hydraulic equipment’s & in the transmission market

o   Crowned tooth form gears permitting axial & angular misalignment

o   Maintenance free no lubrication required

o   Compact & streamlined

o   Cost Effective and easy to assemble

o   No transmission noise



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