Internal Gears

Internal Gears are Allowing for reduced sliding action,Corresponding working surfaces of internal gear teeth and pinion of generally the same length that allows for relative less slippage of teeth,Less tooth wear due to less friction between gear teeth.These gears find application in various equipment finding usage in industrial sectors like Sugar Mills, Sponge Iron Plants, Cement Plants, Fertilizer Plants etc

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Internal Gears feature teeth pointing towards the center with addendum and dedendum taking reverse positions. These gears are also designed to provide compact as well as parallel shaft transmission drive with option of greater speed reduction as desired by the operators. These can be used with stock spur pinion also eliminate use of idler gear where two parallel shafts need to be rotated in same direction. 


With cylindrical pith surface, these gears come with teeth that are parallel to axis cut from inside rim and are used along with pinion to efficiently carry the load as well as ensure even distribution. Making use of transmitted rotary motion between parallel shafts rotating in same direction, the superior non-binding tooth design provides for smooth as well as noiseless operations. Further, these gears also provide for low sliding as well as high stress loading operations. 




Allowing for reduced sliding action

Corresponding working surfaces of internal gear teeth and pinion of generally the same length that allows for relative less slippage of teeth

Less tooth wear due to less friction between gear teeth

Can be operated with gear in fixed position as well as with pinion rotating along pitch line

Difference between gear teeth ideally placed to avoid possibility of interference

Require less maintenance and offer reliable operations

Designed to avoid issues related to collision with spokes as well as wheel-collapse

Allows change in gear ratios in event where rear wheel is not in rotation




Planetary Gear Drives

Segment Gears

Used with stock spur pinion

Positioning equipment

Roller tools

Indexing equipment

Timing systems

Also used in industry sectors like Sponge Iron Plants, Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Fertilizer Plants




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Adriana Grey

Teeth Design Posted on 8/30/2016

Teeth design should be considered before selecting Internal Gears, as it varies with different type of applications. Under tooth design various factors should be considered like no. of teeth’s, material used in internal gears, depth of teeth, diameter of the internal gears, etc.

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