Shaft sprocket

Shaft sprocket have Precise design, Fine finish and Strong construction. It have a diameter range: Up to 660 mm, pitch ranges 1/4" to 2" etc. inches, having 24 to 36 teeth’s, available in Simplex,Duplex,Triplex etc. These sprockets also enhance the speed of the machine and is also widely demanded.

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Shaft Sprockets are manufactured using advanced technologies and ensure durable finish standards. Ideal for industrial usage and are available in customized sizes and designs as per the client’s requirements. The shaft sprockets has two shaft slotted grooves on the inside diameter. These sprockets have metal teeth that are ideal for meshing with a chain or track. The shaft sprockets  are an essential part of chain drives used in various industrial applications.





    • High strength
    • Precise design
    • Strong construction
    • Fine finish
    • Sturdiness
    • Dimensional accuracy


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