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Engineering Consultant service is a service that provides autonomous expertise in science, Engineering, and related areas to the governments, industries, developers, and construction firms. Most consulting engineering services are offered through sole practitioners & consulting engineering companies.

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Consulting engineering is a professional service that provides independent expertise inengineering, science and related areas to governments, industries, developers and construction firms.

What is a Consulting Engineer?

Engineers in consulting engineering companies come from virtually every discipline and specialty. These engineers are often referred to as consulting engineers and they participate in project teams to help the consulting engineering firm deliver services to its clients. Opportunities within projects can range from purely scientific or technical roles to coordinating or managerial roles, and combinations thereof depending on the type and size of the project.  In many cases, consulting engineers will find themselves coordinating the efforts and activities of other project team members including other disciplines and specialties to ensure effective project delivery. Other consulting engineers will find themselves entirely specialized within their sphere of expertise. This provides a great variety of opportunities for engineers working within the firms.

Engineering consultants work with businesses to help them to meet their design and construction needs. Engineering consultants usually work as part of a consulting company, and come into the field after receiving an engineering degree and obtaining several years of experience in the field. They are experts at whatever field of engineering consulting they are involved in. Engineering is a very broad field, and consultants are required to have a very clear understanding of everything that a potential client may need.

One area that engineering consultants may work in is mechanical engineering. A consultant would be able to design and help implement plans for a more efficient heating and cooling system in a large building. Consultants may also be hired to assist in improving indoor air quality, processing exhaust and ventilation fumes, and designing commercial kitchens.

Engineering consultants can also work with businesses to create solutions for electrical problems. This may mean designing better lighting for a portion of the building or the parking area. They will also work on regulating energy distribution, and planning for an emergency power generator. An engineering consultant may also design a fire detection system or a security system complete with video surveillance equipment. The plumbing system of a building is another section that an engineering consultant might be hired to work on. Waste removal, ventilation, hot and cold water distribution, and water heaters are all a part of what an engineer may work on. The sprinkler system, used to control fires, may also be designed by an engineering consultant.

An engineering consultant may also be responsible for designing an airport. He or she may also do land assessments, help with landscaping designs, and plan walkways through parks. Consultants design flood plans, making sure that there are sufficient drainage ducts to prevent costly flooding repairs. They assist with zoning decisions and planning development sites for residential, commercial, and government use. Traffic studies are often performed by an engineering consulting firm. They plan roadways, plot traffic patterns, and create designs for new subway systems. They help to design better pavement for roadways that will last longer and require less maintenance. They also design and inspect bridges.

The work of an engineering consultant is varied. Because engineering is such a wide field, there is almost no limit to the work a consultant can perform. They perform several different types of work, for many different types of businesses. Engineering consultants find solutions that meet or exceed the needs of their clients.

Types of services:-

Overview of the project

A dedicated talent pool with core engineering skills in key industry segments makes the service line a completely integrated service model. Complex projects, collaboration with downstream parties for project delivery, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions, core engineering all these parameters are designed and planned from the begining of the project. 

Design & Engineering consultancy

Feasibility studies

Pre-project reports and technical studies

Architecture & Master Planning

Layout & Transportation Planning

Electrical, MEP and Instrumentation

Environment and Air Quality Control Services

Design engineering

Detailed engineering

Utilities & Shared


Environment impact assessment

Sustainability and green technology solutions

Project Management Consultancy

EPCM services

Engineering Program Managment and Planning

Project management services

Quality, Inspection & Equipment management

Commissioning support

Procurement Management Services

Procurement Assistance

Quality, Inspection & Equipment management

Inquiry/Tender Preparation and Award

Procurement Management Services

Construction Management Consultancy

Site Management

Construction Supervision & Management

Safety Management, Safety audits, safety systems & processes, Safety documentation

Advanced Technologies and Simulation

BIM, PLM and Digital 3D/4D/5D Design & engineering services

Advanced Technology Solutions

Engineering, Automation

Plant Management Solutions

Constructability Analysis and Site Optimisation

Asset Lifecycle Management Solution

Engineering Simulation and Optimisation Services

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