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Pharmacy is a highly competitive industry and the concerned companies are experiencing financial pressures more than ever before. Thus, operation management issues in pharmaceutical expertise affects the entire company and the supply chain has widened to include everyone, from supplier of suppliers to the customers of customers. Historically, a background in biochemistry or chemical engineering has been most highly valuable in a pharmaceutical company and there is growing demand of such service.

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The pharmaceutical industry is generally seen as the stable, lucrative industry all around the world along with India, in terms of growth and flexibility. Due to the fact that there is never a dearth for people in the industry irrespective of the state of economy, many people have termed pharmaceutical jobs as ‘recession proof’.


Service which a pharmaceutical consultant provides:

Pharmaceutical marketing involves broadly dealing with the clients and creating in-house strategies that can streamline the work processes. Below is an insight of services offered by pharmaceutical companies!

·         Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Regulatory Consulting: Assists companies to determine and manage their pharmaceutical and medical product development programs and also look after the regulatory requirements.

·         Pharmaceutical Toxicology Consulting: Provides solution to complex development and regulatory issues, combining the expertise of scientific and regulatory experts located worldwide altogether.

·         Pharmaceutical Product Development Consulting Services: Helps the companies to calculate and determine the development strategies for pharmaceutical and medical products.

·         Regulatory Information Management and IDMP Solutions: Ensures compliance with a focus on efficiency including data submissions using the Identification of Medical Products (IMDP) ISO Standards.

·         Analytical and QA Consulting: Designed to meet client requirements specifically and can vary from small to large in scope.

·         Strategic Compliance and Risk Management: Includes proactive compliance and risk management with a strong track record in regulatory crisis management.



Benefits of having a pharma consultancy:

Pharmaceutical consulting firms have been in existence in pharmaceutical marketing field and their benefit is undeniable too. What these firms can provide is a crucial matter to understand the activity and the profit they can bring to the pharmaceutical companies in India and other countries. A complete strategy of pharma consulting firms involves assessment during research and development, bulk product manufacturing and commercialization of products.












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