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Teflon is a synthetic polymer known for its non sticking property. It is frequently employed as a coating material on pans, catheters, and pipe works. This when coated on materials reduces friction, wear and tear, and energy consumption of machinery. Its unique properties make it a widely used product with extensive application in almost every industry.

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Teflon is an anti-rust or non stick coating done on materials that requires protection from corrosion, moisture and oils.
Various materials that use Teflon coating are,
1.    Cars: The coating protects the vehicle from corrosion and temperature fluctuations, giving a new bright and shiny look. The coating is sprayed on the auto parts called Teflon coating spray.
2.    Motorcycles: The coating will reduce abrasions and protects the elements that are constantly exposed to corrosion.
3.    Mechanical applications: spraying it on a snow blower will protect the part from rusting since Teflon is hydrophobic. When this spray is applied on lawn movers, rusting is reduced to a maximum extent.
4.    Indoor applications: they are sprayed on the runners of the drawers to prevent it from sticking together. The coat will keep the opening and closing smooth.
5.    Frying pans: Teflon helps cooking with the greatest of ease since the food does not stick to the pan.
•    Teflon PTFE
•    Teflon FEP
•    Teflon FPA
•    Teflon PFA
•    Teflon ETFE
•    Teflon ONE COAT
•    Non-stick property of Teflon releases almost all the substances that adhere to its surface.
•    Its non-wetting property avoids adhesion of oil and water.
•    It has tolerance to extreme high and low temperature
•    It has low coefficient of friction depending on the load applied and sliding speed.
•    It is chemically non reactive and remains unaffected by most of the chemical environments.
•    In case the coating is worn out or damaged, it can be recoated and renewed.
•    Its high dielectric property makes it suitable in manufacturing strain relief straps for computers.

APPLICATIONS AND USES                               
1.    Aerospace and computer applications require Teflon wiring, hook-up cables and coaxial cables.
2.    It is suitable to be used as an insulator in cables and connector assemblies.
3.    They are also preferred in printed circuit boards which are used at microwave frequencies.
4.    Sliding parts of machineries like plain bearings, gears and slide plates are coated with Teflon to avoid friction, wear and tear.
5.    High resistivity property of Teflon makes it ideal for fabricating electrets (electrostatic analogues of magnets)
6.    They are widely used in production of carbon fibre composites and fibre glass.
7.    It is often coated as a liner in hose assemblies, expansion joints and industrial pipe lines.
8.    It is known for its use in coating the non-sticky frying pans and cookware.
9.    They can be stretched and made porous to incorporate it in to fabric to make them waterproof.
10.    It is widely used in many plumbing applications.

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