A zipper previously known as a clasp locker, is generally an arrangement used for binding the edges of an opening of cloth or other flexile material, like on an apparel or an outdoor equipment or bags. Chain Width or zipper gauge of a chain- common gauge sizes are #3, #5, #7, #8 and #10.

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Structure of a zipper:


The slider links or divorces the rudiments when the zipper is opened or closed. Diversified sliders are attainable depending upon the use.

The teeth, aka elements, are the parts on each side of a zipper engages with each other when passed through slider. A chain is the term used when left and right side of the teeth are together.

This is the outer covering of the zipper arrangement made up of polyester, synthetic fibre material, vinyl or cotton material that enables the zipper to be fitted to the main purpose it is being used.

Zipper Gauge
When buying a zipper, you might have heard the term #3,#5,#7 etc., this is a clear indication of its gauge size or size of the chain and the size increases as the number increases. The procedure to measure the zipper gauge is by closing the zipper and measuring the zipper teeth placed horizontally.
Types of Zipper
1.    Coil zippers: The slider flows on two coils on each side; the teeth are formed by the windings of the coils.

2.    Concealed zippers: These are the zippers in which the teeth is concealed at the back of a tape, so that the zipper is invisible, hence the name Concealed zipper. The tape's, slider’s and the zip puller’s colour is the same as that of the garment’s. This kind of a zipper is generally used in skirts and dresses.

3.    Reverse coil zippers: This zipper is another type of the traditional coil zipper. In this type, the coil is on the back(reverse) side of the zipper and the slider is designed to function on the flat side of the zipper

4.    Metal zippers : These are the prototypical zipper type, found generally in jeans or trousers today. In this type, teeth are individual pieces of metal moulded into a desired shape and set on the zipper tape at regular intervals.

5.    Plastic-moulded zippers: These are similar to metallic zippers, except that the teeth of the zipper is plastic instead of metal.

6.    Open-ended zippers: These use a box and pin arrangement to clamp the two ends of the zipper into position, used often in jackets. Open-ended zippers could be any of the above types described.

7.    Two way open-ended zippers: These zippers have a puller on each end of the zipper tape instead of having an insertion pin and pin box at the bottom.

8.    Two way closed-ended zippers: These are zippers that are closed at both ends and are often used in luggage related applications .

9.    Magnetic zippers: These zippers are the ones that enables a one-handed closure and are generally used in sportswear.

Uses of a zipper:
•    Increases or decreases aperture of the opening to permit or restrict the passage of objects, for example, in the fly of trousers or in a bag.
•    Joins two ends or sides of a single apparel, as in a jacket, or a pocket of a jacket, trousers that enable apt dressing. Can also be used to convert a trouser into shorts.
•    Can be used for decorative purposes.
•    Can be used for materials such as automobile covers that help in combining the two sides of the plastic cover, hence protecting the automobile.
•    Can be used to being together two ends of a plastic bag
•    Can be used to zip two ends of an earphones.

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Seema S

Which zipper to buy? Posted on 8/12/2016

Coil zippers are the widely used one. They are light weight, heat resistant and rust proof.

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