Cross Pein Hammers

Cross Pein Hammers have indestructible handle made up of 4 spring steel bars. Bars locked with hammer head using steel locking plate make sure that the head remains fixed. It is used for heavy forging, bending and shaping metal, spreading metal and so on. It is made of steel, titanium alloy and so on. The head weight of the hammer ranges from 100g, 200g, 300g and above.

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Cross Pin Hammer is ideal for metal fabrication, especially when working with angled sheet metal.It's indestructible handle is built with 4 spring steel bars .Bars locked with hammer head using steel locking plate ensures that the head remains fixed always.





Corrosion resistance

Optimum functionality

Rigid construction



Heavy Forging 

Bending & Shaping Metal 

Metal Spreading

Driving  Chisels  & punches

Driving Masonry Drills 

Concrete & Stone Work

Starting Panel Pins & Tacks



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