Bent Nose

The bent nose will allow you to get into difficult spots with less hand and wrist fatigue. Use them to smooth down that last bit of wrapped wire, to hold small objects, and to pick out small beads and findings from their storage boxes.

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These bent nose pliers offer added control when accessing obstructed fasteners. Constructed of top quality, drop forged steel, these pliers are ready to withstand rigorous use in any busy shop or garage. The needle nose pliers also feature an interlocking spring mechanism for smooth operation and a non-slip foam comfort grip.



Extra Reach

Long handles extend your reach into narrow spaces and keep your hands away from sharp edges or hot surfaces.

90-Degree Long Nose

Smoothly tapered down to fine tips and bent to 90 degrees, the long nose works around obstructions, grips small parts, and bends wire.

Cross-Cut Teeth

Designed to pull, push, and twist without slipping, the cross-cut teeth apply even pressure and equal grip in any direction.


·         Long, tapered nose with fine tips is bent to 90 degrees to work around obstructions

·         Cross-cut teeth grip evenly in any direction

·         Long handles reach deep into tight spaces

·         Slim, nonslip grips are comfortable and easy to handle

·         Made from high-strength chrome vanadium steel

·         Top-quality drop-forged construction

·         Heat-treated steel

·         Perfectly matched wire cutters

·         Interlocking spring mechanism

·         Non-slip foam comfort grip






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