Chain Nose Plier

Chain-nosed pliers, some times known to as flat-nosed pliers, are flat on the side of the plier's nose and a little curved or rounded on the exterior of the nose. They are very versatile and used by jewelry designers for all kinds of different applications.Materials used are Carbon Steel, Chrome vanadium and so on ,the size ranges from 5inch,6inch,8inch and above.Used for Cutting, Industries, Workshops purposes and so on.

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Chain Nose pliers
They are also known as flat-nosed pliers. It is a hand held instrument that is used to hold an object in place with a tight grip. They can also be used for bending or twisting various materials. The tool is built such that the mechanical force applied while holding the object gets amplified.
Pliers consist of a pair of metal levers that is joined at the fulcrum. The fulcrum is placed close to one end of the lever. This provides longer arms and shorter jaws which in principle amplifies the mechanical strength applied.
The name also implies that they have flat nose on the sides and curved on the outside. These types of pliers are used by jewellery designers.
1.    BENT NOSE PLIERS: the jaws of such kind of pliers will be bent at the end of its nose. Due to such angular tip, these pliers help you get into tight places.
2.    CHAIN NOSE PLIERS: They have a smooth surface in the interior surface of the jaw. The tapered end points let us get into small areas. They are used for gripping jewellery and working with the wire.
3.    CRIMPING PLIERS: these designed specifically for jewellery making. They help flatten and bend a metal tube to securely finish a necklace or bracelet.
4.    ROUND NOSE PLIERS: The jaws are, as the name implies, round in shape. The shape enables you to make different sized loop earrings, pendants, and wirework.

•    Enhanced quality at a sensible price.
•    Larger levers for better grip and heavier work
•    Made up of stainless steel for long life.
•    Plastic handles
•    Double leaf springs and box joints.
1.    Electronic manufacturing tools are exclusively designed to meet the requirements of the industry.
2.    Electrical wire stripping and terminal crimping.
3.    Needle nose pliers used in jewellery making
4.    Most of the medical devices make use of pliers.
5.    Pump type of pliers are used to work like a wrench. They are used to turn bolts nuts and pipe fittings.
6.    Long nose pliers are used to loop wires. They are used by electricians in connecting the wires to the receptacles and any other fixtures.
7.    Cutting pliers are used to cut through materials like heavy gauge electric wire and small metal hardware. This enables one to cut through thicker wires with less effort.
8.    They are used to cut delicate electronic components like circuit boards.
9.    Pliers with narrow jaws let one to get close into trimming and cutting the tip of the wire. They also help in jewellery making to enable delicate cuts.

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