Ring Spanner Sets

Ring Spanner Sets are made from high grade Chrome - Vanadium steel.Heat treated to give maximum strength and resistance against wear.Good accessibility in cramped spaces due to thin walled rings and are light and handy in use..The material used are Chrome - Vanadium steel,Carbon Steel and so on,they are available in Chrome Plated Polished Head,Matte Finish.The length ranges from 170mm,182mm,195mm,212mm,225mm and above.Used for Industrial,Workshops,Warehouses and so on.

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A ring spanner is a one-piece wrench with an enclosed opening that grips the faces of the bolt or nut. The recess is generally a twelve-point  or six-point opening for use with nuts or bolt heads with a hexagonal shape. The twelve-point fits onto the tightening at twice as many angles, an advantage where swing is limited. Eight-point wrenches are also made for square nuts and bolt heads. Ring spanners are often double-ended and usually with offset handles to improve access to the nut or bolt.

It  has rings at both ends which fit snugly into the nut or the bolt head, as a ring would fit a finger. More often than not, the ends of the ring spanner are not in the same plane but are rather set at different levels.



Tough in construction

Light in weight

Rust free finishing

Fine finish

High tensile strength






Ware houses






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