Structural channel

Structural channel, also known as strut channel is a homogeneous formed structural system widely used in the construction and electrical industries. It offers wispy structural support for wiring, plumbing and other mechanical components. Thickness of this material ranges from 3 mm to 12 mm whilst its dimension ranges from 100 mm to 400 mm. It is available in round, flat, square, triangle, hexagon and other shapes.

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Steel is one of the most widely used construction materials, which is known for its strength, toughness, flexibility, eco-friendliness and aesthetics. In today’s world, steel has become one of the integral parts of the construction. Structural channel framework is best suitable for non-residential buildings.

Normally, this channel is formed from the metal sheet, which is folded over and given an open shape with inward-curving lips to provide supplementary rigidity. The structural channel has holes that facilitate interconnection. With the use of strut-specific fasteners and bolts, the channels are connected together. The structural channel can be assembled rapidly by using minimum number of tools and with a moderately trained labor.

Structural channel is available in different shapes such as solid channel, punched channel, half-slotted channel, slotted channel and half channel. These channels are made with steel, with a zinc coating, finished with powder coat, epoxy and paint. This channel are used to brace, mount, connect and support lightweight structural loads such as pipes, electrical and data wires, mechanical systems and to name a few.


No end burr, thereby it saves times and prevents material damage and injuries

Straightens the tube which directly impacts on the time and effort of a labor

It has rust-free surface finish

It has good chemistry for welding and bending

It has strong weld line and sturdy


Building construction

Transmission Line Towers (TLT)

Industrial Sheds

Manufacturing and Automotive Industries

Rack Manufacturing 









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Seema S

Withstanding capability Posted on 8/11/2016

Structural channel is widely used to provide support hence it must have outstanding capability. Ensure checking withstanding capability of a structural channel.

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