Non Woven Pads

Non Woven Pads are excellent for all types of cleanup around the shop, factory, or farm. Polishing pad can be used for light neaten smooth edges and rust removal from metal. Flexible, non woven pads are ideal replacements for steel wool for heavy duty cleaning through finishing to light duty shining. Can be used with or without chemicals.

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Detailed Description for Non Woven Pads

Non woven pads are non loading, non rusting, waterproof and solvent resistant. They are made of a non woven lightweight web secure with abrasive rough texture and treat with resin. Flexible, they conform to work exteriors. Gentle action easily removes flashing or form a rough edge without affecting dimensions of work-piece.

 Typical Applications:

·         Deburring

·         Blending

·         Light to heavy duty cleaning

·         Polishing


  • Extremely thin and conformable.
  • Ideal for cleaning, blending, finishing and smooth the rough edges contoured surfaces and tight spaces.
  • Special coated web design for higher level and constant cutting action.
  • Advanced web design enhances durability for increased product life.
  • Excellent alternative to conventional cutting hand pads when controlling time and cost are key.
  • Ideal for woodworking, metalworking, maintenance operations and synthetics invention.

Advantages & Main Property:

- Good polished brightness Keep colour and shape.

- No black discoloration.

- Abrasive resistant

- Stable

- Impervious to water

- Flexible






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