Helical coil heat exchanger

Helical Coil Heat Exchanger comes under the types of Heat Exchanger. Helical Coil Heat Exchanger is manufacturing from steel. Freon Connector is made from copper and an Inner tube is made from Pure Titanium. This exchanger is used as a space equipment,the voltage ranges from 110v and above.Working pressure ranges from 2MPA and above.

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Although double-pipe heat exchangers are the modest to design, the better choice in the following cases would be the helical coil heat exchanger (HCHE):

•    The main plus point of the HCHE, like that for the SHE, is its highly efficient use of space, particularly when it’s limited and not enough straight pipe can be laid.

•    Under conditions of low flow rates (or laminar flow, such that the usual shell-and-tube exchangers have low heat-transfer coefficients and becoming uneconomical.

•    When there is a low force in one of the fluids.

•    When one of the fluids has components in several forms (liquids, solids, and gasses), which in turn create mechanical problems during actions, such as plugging of small tubes. Cleaning of helical coils for multiple-phase fluids can be more problematic than its shell and tube counterpart; so the helical coil unit would need cleaning less often.

The use of helically coiled exchanges continues to increase. Applications include liquid cooling/heating, vaporizers,steam heaters, cryogenic cooling, and vent condensing. Listed below are the details for usual services in which helical exchangers warrant consideration.

 • Seal Coolers

 • Analyzer Pre-cooling

• Condensers

• Cryogenic Vaporizers

 • Compressor Inter- and After-Coolers

• General Applications


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