Friction Hinges

Friction Hinges
Friction hinges, also called torque hinges, have a holding feature that sets them apart from the standard hinge. As the name suggests, the friction hinge relies on a constant internal friction to hold its position. This allows a door or lid to open smoothly and then remain in a set position without opening or closing inadvertently, similar to a laptop case. These hinges are available in different sizes and colour as per the requirement.

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Detailed Description for Friction Hinges

A torque or friction hinge is a hinge that offers resistance to the pivoting motion. That resistance can be such that it slows the movement for reasons of safety or aesthetics or that it actually arrests movement to the extent that the pivoting object is held motionless in the chosen position. Examples of this kind of hinge are now common, typically in a laptop screen. 

The main features of  friction hinges:

  • constant torque over whole angular range
  • extremely small volume
  • no backlash (only small spring back after taking back the driving torque)
  • designed for indoor applications (for outdoor applications special corrosion protection required)
  • high life time with up to more than 30,000 cycles
  • custom designs possible


Typical applications are monitors in laptop and industrial applications, special suitcases, office equipment, safety equipments, lids, doors, arms, seat rests, etc.

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