Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley

Electric chain hoist with electric trolley hoist or trolley hoist is a new style and small lifting equipment as well as perfect equipment for lifting, transmission, it has a capacity ranging from 1 – 3 tones and more, having Lifting Height 1 – 3 meters, with speed of 2.7 – 5.4 (meter/Minutes).It is used in factories, warehouse, workshop, harbor, docks, mostly in raising working efficiency and improving working condition

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Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley is an ideal tool to lift heavy objects to load/unload, maintain the equipment with reliable performance which is convenient for operations, advanced structure, small volume and wide application.


·                  Tough construction

·                  Grease fitting to ensure hoist long life

·                  Special lowering valve

·                  Resistance against corrosion

·                  Durability

·                  Easy to maneuver

·                  Accurate dimensions







·                  Warehouses

·                  Mining industry

·                  Dockyards

·                  Railway lines


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