Wood Borer Control

Wood borers are pest control and tiny beetles whose larvae provide for extensively on wood. The adults make tiny pinhead size holes on the wooden surface before winging out. The brass or powder then begins to fall out from these tinyholes. This is the first sign of infestation in the furniture.

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About Wood Borer

Wood borers are pest controller and tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on the wood. The wood worms while appear make tiny pin size holes on the surface of wooden furniture or fixture. Those tiny holes which you see on wood surface are literally the exit holes where the adult wood borer has left. The fine yellowish coloured powder like yellow dust starts appearing from these tiny holes. This indicates the unhelpful activity of borers deep inside the core of the wood as these are inner feeders. They feed on the cell fillings of the sapwood. While feeding they make channels and pupate within the wood. Borers or Powder Post Beetles attack partially or fully hardened wood with 10-15% moisture. Almost dry condition.


Control Measures

 As a treatment wood protective chemicals are required to be inoculated into these tiny exit holes with the help of needle and worms is targeted as only nourishments is responsible for the damage to the wood.


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 The wood surface is also functional with outstanding pesticides chemicals having petroleum base. These remaining pesticides will stop the current infestation as well as protect against new attackers if they find their way to your valuable wooden furniture.



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