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Guarding and patrolling services is an effective deterrant against crime , theft or any kind of unrest . Service provider provides uniformed guards, manned security teams and reception services across a wide range of sectors including government, commercial, retail, corporate and event security. Guarding & Patrolling are offered to all industries and sensitive installations that are vulnerable or that require the presence and attention of an efficient private security team .

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Detailed Description for Guarding and Patrolling Services

Standard services, physical premises protection and deterrent duties include

Static Guarding
Mobile Patrol Security Guards
Dedicated Foot Patrols
Gatehouse Operations
Control Room Operations
Concierge / Front Desk
Crowd Control and Event Management
Loss Prevention


Mobile Patrol & Static Guards

Service provider provide highly trained, uniformed and fully licensed Mobile Patrol Security Guards and Static Guards.

Services include:-

Security patrolling – static &/or mobile foot patrols
Marked and unmarked security vehicles
Visible patrol units in constant contact with our Monitoring Centre 24/7
Compact patrol zones for fast response
Static commercial, business & industrial security services
Retail / Shopping Centre security
Security pass control management
Patrols performed by Australian Security supervisors, typically career security professionals with significant security experience Daily patrol log reports, weekly or as needed by mail, fax or email


Static Guard Services

Static guard services can be arranged on a short or long term basis. These static guards are placed at office building, venue, warehouse, or construction site to maintain the security of personnel and premises.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services

Mobile patrol security guards deliver maximum vigilance and crime deterrence. Patrol services are an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all types, as regular patrols are effective at deterring crime while remaining cost effective.


Mobile patrols are conducted by our trained mobile guards who randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your location to perform the same security services an on-site guard would perform, either internal or external, or both. These may include: checking windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, removing loiterers, escorting employees to vehicles, locking buildings, looking for signs of wrongdoing or potential danger/hazards, and deterring would be wrong-doers.

Construction Security  


Service provider goal is to promote a safe and secure construction site environment, therefore encouraging safety and loss prevention to our client’s property and equipment s. Construction sites, regardless of their size are frequently victimized by the theft of machinery and equipment, tools, material supplies, and vandalism. Millions of pounds every year are lost nationwide due to the theft of construction equipments and tools.


When the construction workers are not on site, guards will secure all entrances and ensure that they are locked and inaccessible. In addition, they will do Random patrols around the site to detect any suspicious acts and act as a visual deterrent on the site.



Reception Security


Service provider provide security staff in company reception and access areas to vet guests, visitors, staff, and contractors arriving on site. Running an office building brings many important responsibilities.


When implementing security measures it's all too easy to over look your reception area. Many businesses will go to great lengths securing rear doors, loading bays and fire escapes and completely forget about the most obvious and most vulnerable entry point "Reception" Unmanned and unsecured reception areas and lobbies provide rapid easily accessible entry to your business.



Events Security


Number of major organisations involved in public events and exhibitions.  Security is one of the most important elements. Unfortunately, since security is not the main focus of the event, it is often neglected in the planning stages.

Service provider conduct a full site assessment before the event so that we fully understand your requirements and work very closely with The Police, Ambulance Service and Fire Brigade, therefore ensuring your event will run smoothly with minimal disruption.


Retail Security


Loss from theft and the lack of a loss prevention system cost very much to businesses. Companies and retail establishments that install advanced technology and hire commercial security guards and surveillance teams dramatically curtail shoplifting and employee theft.




Door Supervision


 Door Supervisors will provide your venue with the following:


•  Smart presentation putting you and your customers at ease.

•  Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue.

•  Control ingress and egress of the venue and all exits.

•  To ensure that patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment

•  Initiative and discretion to decide the suitability of customers entering your premises.



Lock and Unlock Service.


This service ensures customer’s premises are opened at the start of the working day and secured when staff leaves. Before locking up and activating the alarm the security officer will patrol the site ensuring there are no security risks. If so required, regular visits will be carried out throughout the night. Similarly at the start of the working day the security officer will patrol and open-up your premises given access to a fully secure site to your employees.



Security Responsibilities

·         To maintain a standard of personal conduct and discipline in keeping with the nature of their duties.

·         To take instructions only from authorized Officers/Managers. They should revert back to the authorized office in case of instructions from others.

·         To be aware of their duties/functions and any relevant amendments.

·         To ensure confidentiality of instructions/orders issued to them.

·         To ensure that visitors, govt, officials, clients etc are properly received and handled with care and directed to concerned persons.

·         To be aware of the fire fighting equipment in the premises, know its handling and also ensure its upkeep.

·         To be conversant with first aid procedures and handling of first aid box.

·         To carry out search of only such employees sanctioned by the management. They should be able to detect and seize illegal pilfering of material on person or by vehicle.

·         To protect the property of the company at all time against theft, be it committed by employees or by outsiders.

·         To protect the buildings of the company and their contents from damages by fire or water or from the effects of any adverse conditions.

·         To pay attention to all water, steam, gas and electrical installations and to detect breakdown. To take immediate action that is necessary in the interest of safety and security.

·         To prevent instances of theft arson, damage to company property or property of employees. To detain such persons and inform the management and the security agency for follow up action.

·         To ensure that no unauthorized persons or vehicles gain access to company premises.

·         To ensure that no employee, or employee of a contractor, or any vehicle leaves the premises in an irregular manner.

·         To record all vehicles visiting the facility to collect or deliver materials, to issue gate passes for authorization by the departments concerned. To ensure proper passes are issued for their movement.

·         To implement the company’s right of search of employees and contractors and their vehicles and to ensure that company properly is not taken from the site without proper authorization.

·         To maintain a register of lost and found property containing all relevant details like times, place, finder etc.

·         To ensure that all regular employees leaving the premises at irregular times are in possession of authorized out passes.

·         To regulate the movement of traffic, to organize the parking of vehicles.

·         To accept and pass on any messages received from the company’s drivers, other factories, clients, the police etc., relating to the company’s business to concerned persons. Security is expected to collect intelligence regarding all Labor matters and keep the Management informed on a day to day basis.

·         To check and clear all scrap and waste cleared by housekeeping.




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