Indian Mulberry

Indian mulberry is used for treating a number of ailments, such as joint pains, immune problems, pain relief, cellular regeneration, and more.Its fruit contains a number of enzymes (proteins) and alkaloids that are believed to play a pivotal role in promoting good health.t can also be planted in the gardens/ lawns of your indoor spaces. It is also grown in large pots and containers in the home spaces.

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The word ‘Mulberry’ is usually linked with silkworms, but the Indian Mulberry also plays an important role in Ayurveda, this can be said as one of the oldest technique of holistic healing. The plant grows in many parts of India, and one this especially does well in the southern parts like Kerala, as this species flourishes in warm balmy weather. The powdered extracts from the roots  and fruit of the Mulberry, which is known as ‘Noni’, have been traditionally used as a sedative and for many other medicinal purposes

It has large, deeply veined leaves in dark green colour. It produces an oval-shaped fruit which has many medicinal magic.

It can be found in many parks and gardens around you. It is also grown in large pots and containers in the home spaces.


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