Budhha Belly Bamboo

bamboo plant for screens, windbreaks, or containers. Stays dwarf and produces the swollen stems that give it its name only when confined in tubs or grown in poor soil. Evergreen clumping type.It is widely used as an ornamental plant.

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Buddha Belly Bamboo is a highly mantained plant. These are generally used for fencing and construction purposes, especially for smaller or temporary shelters,including flooring, roof tiles, panelling, and walls made wither with culms or split stems.The culms are used to make many parts of boats including masts, rudders, outriggers, and boating poles. These are even used make furniture, basketry, windbreakers, flutes, fishing rods, tool handles, stakes, weapons, bows for fishing nets, smoking pipes, distillation pipes, and many more


The soil should be kept moist but not wet. Water is to be given regularly,  3 timess in a day. Take care not to over water though - excess watering can cause more leaf drop. Full grown bamboos are rather tolerant of flooding, but newly planted bamboos can suffer from too much as well as too little water.


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