Stainless Steel Hydraulic Lift Table

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Lift Table are featured with Passivated finish for in-place wash down,Self contained stainless steel enclosed power unit,Actuation: Dual, low pressure hydraulic cylinders, SST powder coated .Push Button Pendant Controls,Up / Down Foot Pedal Controls .

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Partially stainless steel carts are available for clean or corrosive environments. The platform, frame, handle, caster rigs, and hardware are all stainless steel. Scissor legs, pump assembly, and hydraulic cylinders are zinc plated. Wheels are poly-on-poly.These Products are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and clean-room applications.

Lift tables can come in a vast array of configurations and can be built to suit various highly specialized industrail processes. The most common lift table design incorporates hydraulic cylinders and an electrically powered pump to actuate the scissor lifting mechanism. Lift tables can also be driven by pneumatic sources, trapezoidal-Threaded screw drives, push chains or by hydraulic foot pump when the load is not heavy. Lift tables can be mounted in a pit for floor-level loading, especially useful for access by manual pallet-pump trucks and the mobility impaired or wheelchair users.

Industries that commonly use lift tables include wood working, upholstered furniture manufacturing, metalworking, paper, printing and publishing, warehousing and distribution, heavy machinery and transpotation.

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