Wipro-Backhoe Loader-Hydraulic Cylinder

Backhoe Loader cylinders have the robust design for severe usage conditions.The Operating pressure range is 120 ~ 250 bar;The cylinder bore size range is 50 ~ 140 mm (~17 sizes);The Cylinder rod size range is 25 ~ 70 mm (~13 sizes).These are anti-corrosive,withstand temperature & pressure extremes.High strength material is used for rods to meet tough applications.

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Wipro Infrastructure Engineering's custom built hydraulic cylinder is the First Choice of leading OEMs for its ability to perform under harsh and demanding conditions on different Construction & Earthmoving Equipment. Our cylinders play a pivotal role in ensuring superior performance of the equipment and are essentially designed to withstand extreme conditions such as:

  • Temperature & Pressure Extremes
  • Abrasives
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Heavy continual use
  • Contamination


  • Operating Pressure range 120 ~ 250 bar
  • Cylinder bore size range 50 ~ 140 mm (~17 sizes)
  • Cylinder rod size range 25 ~ 70 mm (~13 sizes)

Design Feature:-

  • Robust designs for severe usage conditions
  • High strength material for Rod to meet tough applications
  • Burnishing on tube ID for durable seal life
  • Rod surface finish up to 0.15Ra for durable seal life
  • Superior quality hard chrome plating on rod for better corrosion resistance
  • Friction welded rod-eye joints for durable joint life
  • Robotic welding for tube-flange & tube-cap
  • Smooth cushioning/dampening on both ends of cylinder stroke to absorb shocks
  • Field proven robust sealing system for tough working conditions.
  • High strength piston & rod bearings to withstand higher side loads.

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