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A conveyer belt acts as carrying medium of a belt conveyer system, which is also known as belt conveyer. It is available in a tensile strength of 1000N/mm to 5400N/mm with Max diameter of 4.1mm to 11.3mm and pitch of +1.5 to +17. The thickness varies from 4mm to 8mm whilst the width range from 500mm to 3200mm along with tolerance of +5 to +15.

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A conveyer belt is a continuous moving band of metal that is used to transport goods from one location to another within an industry. The conveyer system consists of one or two belts with an endless loop that rotates within the machine. In this system, as the belt move forward the material placed on the belt moves. This system is used in medium and large scale industries to transport material from one section to another within the premises. The conveyer belt is made of multiple layers of materials to provide linear strength, shape and rigidity.  


Types of conveyer belt

There are different types of conveyer belts such as slider bed, roller bed, incline and decline, break and meter belt, piano hinge, wire mesh belt and portable conveyer. The slider bed conveyer is made of steel that offers extremely smooth surface. This belt is ideal for transporting light weight goods. The roller bed type consists of rollers, which is selected on the basis of load weight and speed. Also, the number of rollers is directly proportional to the length of the belt. In simple words, the more the distance, the more the number of rollers used in conveyer system. The incline and decline conveyer is similar to horizontal belt. Normally, this belt is made of rough surface to offer more traction to the products placed on the belt.


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