Royal Fil GS-11R is an all position rutile flux cored wire designed for optimum performance when using CO2 or Argon + CO2 shielding. It is designed for high deposition rate s in flat and horizontal position. The slag coverage is complete and designed for easy removal with fewer fumes, minimal spatter.

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There are two types of flux cored wires: gas shielded and self shielded.

Gas shielded flux cored wires require external shielding gas and the slag is easy to remove. The operator may want to consider using gas shielded flux cored wires when welding on thicker metals or in out-of-position applications. Gas shielded flux cored wires have a flux coating that solidifies more quickly than the molten weld material. As a result, it creates a "shelf" to hold the molten pool when welding overhead or vertically up.

Self shielding flux cored wire does not require external shielding gas; the weld pool is protected by gas generated when flux from the wire is burned. As a result, self shielding flux cored wire is more portable because it does not require an external gas tank.


Royal Fil GS-11R is for mass production in a wide range in mild and low alloy steels. Suitable for joining steels conforming to ASTM SA-36/SA-36M and A, B, C, D grades of SA-283 / SA-283M.

Examples:- Fabrication in chemical plant machinery structures & Steel frames in ship building, heavy bridges & towers.

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15 kgs. Vacuum packed plastic spool.

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