Batch Mixer

Batch Mixers are also termed as Industrial Mixers , batch mixers or mixer machine. They have convinced optimized design, low cost of operation and Enhanced life. It is mainly used for mix different materials like sand using different types of blades to make a good quality uniform mixture. Mixers come in capacities of 60 kg-100 kg . They are mainly used in industries , construction .

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Batch mixer, with its precision-engineering far out performs conventional mixers in improving quality, less processing times by up to 90%, consistency and efficiency. Properties such as a heavy-duty drive,available abrasion resistant liners , plate steel construction ensures trouble free service. It is mainly used for making quality homogeneous mixture by mixing different materials using different types of blades. 


Expected Features:

  • Continuous mixing during discahrging, loading
  • densification , Zero stratification, segregation 
  • efficient mixing at any capacity
  • very high efficiency
  • Smooth and easy  functioning
  • Easy to maintain and handle
  • Long functional life time





Food Industy

Pharmaceutical etc





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