Submersible Mixer

Submersible Mixers are highly efficient,enormous stirring performance and it is suitable for all kinds of pits. The major application of these mixers are in food industry ,agricultural, bio-gas and bio ethanol . It is available in diameter of 580MM to 800MM etc. They have 2 - 3 blades and their speed is around 230 - 480 rpm.

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Submersible Mixers are available for varied range and applications. The main application of these mixers are used in food industries, agricultural field, bio-gas , pulp and paper and bio ethanol,  slaughter house applications. These mixers are very easy to operate and install . Maintenance cost is relatively less and provide longer service life.


Expected Features:

Proven a thousand times

Superior quality

Reasonable prices

Enormous stirring performance

Smoothly finished

High efficiency

For all kinds of pits

Simple mounting





 Available with high speed submersible BRIO mixers for aquaculture applications

Ideal submersible mixer for lake/pond revival and sustenance programs

Used in medium to large aquaculture water bodies that have intensive stocking

Pulp and paper



Bio ethanol

Food industry





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