Copper Brazing Alloy

The welding stainless steel which is entitled as copper brazing alloy is generally used for the brazing of carbon, nickel, and copper-nickel. These are most frequently brazed in a heating system without flux in a caring, reducing atmosphere. Diameter (mm) includes less than 0.8 mm-4 mm and more. Melting Range (Degree Celsius) is 890-940. It is widely used in where narrow joint clearance cannot be held.

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This family of brazing alloys is well suited for ferrous metal applications. These materials are an economical alternative to silver brazing alloys. Use primarily in furnace brazing with protective reducing atmosphere. Oxygen-free as well as oxygen bearing alloys can make use of copper brazing alloy. 


Brazing alloy is particularly adaptable when close fit cannot be used. This filler metal may be used in the places where narrow joint clearance cannot be held.






·         Used where narrow joint clearance cannot be held


·         Adaptable when close fit cannot be held


·         Accurate composition


·         Melting range


·         Ability to fill wide joint clearances at the lower end of its brazing range


·         High end of the brazing range, it is more fluid






Uses and Applications of Brazing Copper alloys:


 ·         For making jewellery and musical instruments.


 .         In mining tools and plumbing fixtures. Several mining tools use these alloys as these are much stronger for the required task.


 ·        The industrial application of brazing alloys is quite widespread.


 ·         Efficiently used in the manufacturing of compressors which are used in refrigerators, air-conditioners, and other cooling devices.


 ·         It is also used in diesel engine circulation tubes and other mining tools.


 ·        These alloys are used in making coils and other important parts of sophisticated machines.








Wires, Rods, Strips, Wire Flattening etc




Copper and Copper Alloy Filler Rods




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