Pressure Bearings

Bearing pressure is a particular case of contact mechanics often occurring in cases where a convex surface (male cylinder or sphere) contacts a concave surface (female cylinder or sphere: bore or hemispherical cup). Excessive contact pressure can lead to a typical bearing failure such as a plastic deformation similar to peening. This problem is also referred to as bearing resistance. Used for vehicles,Industries etc

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Detailed Description for Pressure Bearings

Deep Groove Bearings are bearing the most common type. The basic model consists of a Deep Groove Bearing outer ring, an inner ring, a ball and a group holding structure into. Deep Groove Bearing type has two kinds of single and double row deep groove ball structure also points sealed and open two structures, open means without bearing seal structure, Sealed deep groove ball into the dust seal and oil seal. Dust closures material is steel stamping, just play simple to prevent dust from entering the bearing raceways. Anti-oil type of contact seals, which can effectively prevent the grease within the bearing spill.


The Advantages:

1.The most representative rolling bearing

2.Can suffer from both axial and bidirectional radial load.

3.High rotation,low noise,and low oscillation.

4.Bearing with seal together with stopping circle or flange,good for the installing. 

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