Tapered Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearings are bearings that can take large axial forces as well as being able to sustain large radial forces.Bore size is 20 mm or 25 mm or may range from 15 - 55 mm;Outside diameter is 52 mm or 35 - 120 mm.The material used for these tapered roller bearings is chrome or stainless steel.It is used in construction,machinery and industries.

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Taper roller bearing have inner and outer ringraceways and tapered rollers arranged in between.Conical surface of the projection lines 

of all are the same point on the bearing axis together. Tapered roller bearing is mainly exposed to the radial diameter, axial load. Load carrying capacity depends on the angle of  the outer ring raceway, the greater the angle the greater the carrying capacity.


Tapered roller bearings are designed such that their conical rollers and raceways are arranged so that all elements of the roller and raceway cones meet at a common apex on 

the bearing axis. The rollers are guided by the contact between the large end of the roller and the rib on the inner ring (cone).This construction provides a high capacity for 

radial loads, axial loads, and combined loads. The larger the contact angle, the greater the loading capacity becomes.When a pure radial load is placed on the bearing, an induced load in the axial direction is also generated.So, these bearingsare generally used in pairs opposing each other Tapered roller bearings have the inherent advantage of being adjustable and,

they can be set to approach optimum performance in almost any application.


Tapers roller bearings are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. Their cups are separable for easy assembling. During mounting and using, radial clearance and axial clearance can be adjusted and preload mounting can be made.





Motor,   Machinery,   Electric Tools,   Sports Apparatus,   office equipment ,   Scooter Aluminum windows , 

shower blocks,   hanging round,   closet wheel,   toys,   Fan,   car,   truck,   tractors and automatic machine,

Textile machine,   Pump,  Agricultural machinery,   Machine tool,window ,  sliding door , other furniture and some toys



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