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End brush is designed using high-grade quality materials which are best in quality. These are specifically designed to address explicitly to reach areas, breakage and reducing filament fatigue. End brushes are suitable for industrial cleaning applications where the issue is restricted space. Works well for cross-hole deburring, blending tool marks and breaking sharp edges.

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End brushes is a useful utility suitable for industrial cleaning applications where free space is an issue. Depending upon the application and requirement there are variety of end brushes served for various purposes. Few them are listed below and match them with your own requirement.

·         Knotted wire end brush: If you got to deburr, clean or to remove rust and dust, knotted wire end brushes are the solution! These brushes can perform the job of aggressively cleaning with utmost honesty and care.

·         Abrasive nylon brushes: Abrasive nylon brushes are best suited for cleaning, polishing, and surface finishing applications. These often come in the variety of abrasive nylon cup brushes, solid end, twisted in wire, and wheel brushes.

·         Spot facer drill brushes: these provide two functions at the same time due to their shape: cleaning the area around a bolt hole along with the drilling or reaming the hole itself.

·         Solid fill wire end brushes: these come in crimped, stainless steel, brass or bronze wire. Synthetic and natural fibre variations include abrasive, nylon, nylon 6-6, Tampico, polyester, polypropylene. Adding bridles to an end brushes reduces the chances of being flared-out during the operation and concentrates the wire point directly on the work surface directly in the front of the brush.

Hollow centre end brushes: these are explicitly designed to clean the outside of a protruding object. The hole in the centre also prevents the wires from balling up in the centre against that protruding object. Standard trim length for hollow centre end brushes is 1”.

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