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These Brushes help you paint large, flat surfaces in much less time than a normal paint brush. They are also excellent for use on all type of walls- concrete, stucco or any other flat surface. It is available in different sizes and colors as per the requirement.

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A paint brush roller is a tool used for painting large and flat surfaces effectively and efficiently. This roller basically consists of two components: a roller frame and a roller cover. The roller cover easily absorbs the paint and transfers it to the painted surface due to its fabric quality. The roller frame is attached to the roller cover. The painter or the user holds the roller by holding the handle.

The roller cover is basically a cylindrical core with a pile fabric covering coupled at the cylindrical core. There are foam rubber rollers too. Both the foam and fabric rollers are produced and are available individually to meet the specific needs.

Application: Paint brush rollers are typically used for painting and designing alluring patterns on the wall.


·         Corrosion resistance.

·         Long service life.

·         Minimal maintenance.

·         Highly durable.

·         The roller cover is reusable but is typically reused after the use.


·         Work in small zones- two to three sq. feet at a time.

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Adriana Grey

Use a quality roller cover Posted on 8/30/2016

A good roller, which is also known as sleeve is the most important part of your roller cover. It's always tempting to buy the cheap covers available and throw it away when you are done. But surely, you won't mind those extra minutes you have to give while doing the job when you will see the difference a good roller cover makes. Cheap sleeves do not hold enough paint to do a good job and you will end up with an inconsistent layer of paint and built-up ridges of paint!

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