Beam Clamps

Beam clamps offered in this section are designed to provide attachment of hanger rods to structural members without drilling or welding. A wide range of types like Pipe and conduit, Strut Channel, Threaded Rod Beam Clamp and sizes are available for various applications lile 1/4''-5/8'' etc .

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Beam clamps are pieces of hardware used to suspend or secure fixtures, wires, bridal rings, threaded rod, electrical boxes and various hardware to beam flanges. The set screw or the teeth (spring steel) of the beam clamp securely holds the clamp in place on the beam. They are commonly used in electrical construction applications.



Universal sizes can be used for Arlington Loops, cable trays, or other similar systems

Saves time on the jobsite by allowing you to fasten without the use of any specialty tools

The universal design can be used with a multitude of cable hangers

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