A spring is a tightly wound coil or spiral of metal that gets stretched when one pulls it and it goes back to its original formation when the force is released. Simply, spring coil is elastic which has a size as less as 0.0045mm or more than 0.0050mm. These are available in various colors like red, blue, yellow, brown etc and are mainly made up of stainless steel or alloy steel.

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A spring is a mechanical device typically used to store energy and subsequently release it so as to absorb shock or to maintain a force between contacting surfaces. They are made of an elastic material formed into the shape of a helix which returns to its natural length when unloaded.

Types of spring;

Compression Spring: A compression spring squeezes its coil together to create a load. These are often found inside switches, automotive suspensions etc.

Extension Spring: The extension spring stretches apart to create load. These often have little loops on the ends to attach the things.          These springs are used in door hinge, garage door hinge or bouncy decorations that hang from the ceiling.

Torsion Spring: These springs specifically rotate around an axis to create load. They release their load, apparently, in an arc around the axis. They are practically good for things that rotate less than 360 degrees.

Leaf Spring: These springs are stack of curved metal bars that support the wheel of a car or some other heavy-weight vehicle and move up and down to smooth out the humps and bumps.

Constant Force Spring 1 or Clock Spring: This spring is called as 'Clock Spring' because they are often found in clock works. These are stainless steel springs which are made of a band of steel wrapped around it several number of times to create a geometrical spiral.

Constant Force Spring 2: This kind of spring is used when more power is needed. It has fewer rotations as compared to the Constant Force Spring 1 and has a much thicker band of steel either. Such spring coil is used in automotive seat recliners and other heavy duty applications

Belleville Spring: Belleville Spring is also known as Belleville Washer. Such are the coned disk spring containing hole in the centre for non-permanent fasteners.

Applications and uses of spring: Well, springs are certainly not limited to few applications. You will find spring everywhere. Open a ball-point pen (ones with a button you click to retract the ball) and you will find a spring inside. Cars and vehicles have their applications. There are springs in watches and clocks too. So clearly, springs are basically everywhere.

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