Threaded Fasteners

A threaded fastener is a discrete piece of hardware that has internal or external screw threads. They are usually used for the assembly of multiple parts and facilitate dis-assembly.

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Detailed Description for Threaded Fasteners

Threaded fasteners are commonly used for a multitude of reasons. Aside from the obvious strength benefits (a fastener properly threaded or a bolted joint is much stronger than unthreaded alternatives) they are also reversible, meaning they can be taken apart after they are assembled. They are cost-efficient and available in a wide range of sizes. 

Their fit is deeper and more generic than that of a fine thread, allowing for easy removal. Generally, they have a higher tolerance for manufacturing and plating, and do not need cross threading to assemble. 

Because of their more specific fit, they have tighter tolerances, finer tension adjustment, and can carry heavier loads. They are most commonly found in the aerospace industry. 

They often need retightening when located in awkward places. They are susceptible to vibrations, and may need safety wire or other added features to further hold them in place and enable proper performance. 


-          Alloy Steels/ Aluminium/ Brass/ Bronze Alloys

-          Carbon Steel/ Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Tool Steel

-          Cold Rolled Steel/ Bearing Steel


-          Shafts

-          Valve Components

-          Automatic Door Components

-          Cable/ Electronic Connector

-          Fire Suppression System Components

-          Fittings/ Fasteners

-          Gears/ Hardware

-          Roller Bearings







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