Stainless Steel Stud

Stainless Steel Stud is a bolt with threads on both ends, to be screwed permanently into a fixed part at one end and receive a nut upon the other. Stainless Steel with excellent tensile strength characteristics for extreme temperature and corrosive applications.

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All product stamped with material grade and manufacturer, full traceability available, destructive testing for every lot of raw material. Large finished inventory of Standard sizes and the ability of shearing, high speed roll-threading, sawing and chamfering for rapid turn-around of special dimensional requirements.


·         Installation is simple and convenience, but needs riveter tool, such as hand press rivet gun, electric rivet gun and air riveter, etc.

Widely used in:

·         Stationery

·         Clip (Stationery folder, hairpin)

·         Electronic products

·         Switches

·         Lamps

·         Sporting

·         Machinery

·         Electronic products industries


 Selection of Material:

·         Aluminium/ Steel

·         Aluminium/ Stainless steel

·         All Stainless steel

·         Copper/Steel

·         Copper/Stainless steel



·         Zinc Plated

·         Nickel Plated

·         Copper Plated

·         Color Plated

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