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A threaded insert, also known as a threaded bushing, is a fastener element that is inserted into an object to add a threaded hole. They may be used to repair a stripped threaded hole, provide a durable threaded hole in a soft material, place a thread on a material too thin to accept it, mold or cast threads into a workpiece thereby eliminating a machining operation, or simplify changeover from unified to metric threads or vice versa

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Whether it's restoring a stripped plug or creating a new join, the threaded inserts to guarantee the fastening is secure. Use one of our Helicoil thread repair inserts for stripped threads. If the base material is soft plastic, create new threads by hand with a press insert. For thin materials, use a rivet nut for permanent threads and a final look that's nearly flush.  


Internal Thread Locking Systems

unique and proprietary preload locking internal (female) thread form that's exceptionally resistant to transverse vibration—the primary cause of thread loosening. It's ideal for a wide variety of applications, especially in aerospace and electronics.



Blind Nuts (or Blind Threaded Inserts)

 Blind Threaded Inserts are multi-functional fasteners: they povide a female thread while giving the opportunity to clamp two or more sheets at the same time, and can also act as a spacer.






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