Brass Washer

Brass Washer is a small grabbable ring that a dispenser presents to a carousel rider during the course of a ride. Usually there are a large number of iron rings and one brass one, or just a few. It takes some dexterity to grab a ring from the dispenser as the carousel rotates.

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The iron rings can be tossed at a target as an amusement. Typically, getting the brass ring gets the rider some sort of prize when presented to the operator. The prize often is a free repeat ride. The phrase to grab the brass ring is derived from this device.

Most rings were iron, but one or two per ride were made of brass; if a rider managed to grab a brass ring, it could be redeemed for a free ride.

As the carousel began to turn, rings were fed to one end of a wooden arm that was suspended above the riders. Riders hoped that the timing of the carousel rotation (and the rise-and-fall motion of their seat, when movable seats were included in the outer circle of the carousel) would place them within reach of the dispenser when a ring (and preferably a brass ring) was available.

Another system had mostly steel rings of no value and one brass ring, and a target into which the rings were to be thrown (for example the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Looff Carousel uses a clown target shown in the photo above, and the Knoebel's Amusement Resort Grand Carousel uses a lion target), discouraging retention of the rings as souvenirs.



·         Dimensional accuracy

·         Consistent performance

·         Robustness

·         Highly utilitarian

·         Help in reducing vibration

·         Minimize noise levels

·         Corrosion resistive

·         Consistent performance

·         Robustness

·         Perfectly designed

·         Rust proof

·         Easy fastening


Other Details:

·         Corrosion resistant

·         Durable

·         Resistant to temperature variations

·         Weatherproof

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