Weld Nut

A weld nut is a special type of nut specifically designed to be welded to another object. This fasteners are welded onto another metal piece and can bridge gaps or seams. A weld nut is able to be used in restricted or limited space areas.

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Nut plates are intended for use in wing-body fairing joints to provide a high float fastener which will maintain preload while permitting joint movement. Two configurations of nut elements are used on the floating nut plate product line. Single counterbore configurations are typically used for standard sized bolts while a double counterbore configuration may be used with oversized bolts for repair or rework.

Preload is obtained and limited by drawing the shoulder of the nut element up to the surface of the movable member controlling the initial compression of the spring. With the bolt removed, the spring must hold the nut in any selected position within limits of the float to permit alignment of the nut and bolt.



·         Simple installation

·         Robust construction

·         Optimum strength

·         Quality assured

·         Perfect dimension

·         Advanced technology

·         High tensile strength

·         High quality



·         Automobile Industry

·         Engineering

·         Oil & Gas

·         Heat exchanger and condenser

·         Refineries & Petrochemicals

·         Power plants

·         Desalination Plants

·         Ship building

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