Hitch Pin Clips

R-clips are commonly used to secure the ends of round shafts such as axles and clevis pins. The straight leg of the R-clip is pushed into a hole near one end of the shaft until the semicircular "belly" in the middle of the other, bent leg of the R-clip grips one side of the shaft resisting any force removing the R-clip from its hole. To assist insertion the end of the bent leg is angled away from the straight leg.

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This is a high strength, quick disconnect assembly with good wear characteristics. To operate, the closed end steel retaining sleeve is pushed laterally along the body member. This compresses the spring and allows the simple removal or assembly of the male ball stud. This is an improved design which features a “key hole” cut out of the retaining sleeve which insures that the assembly can only be put together with the sleeve positively aligned with the ball cavity. The assembly is automatically aligned when the spring is released, eliminating the possibility of partial closure.



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