Screw Shank

Fasteners feature a wide range of materials and coatings designed to meet specific performance criteria. It is important toselect a material and/or coating that is suitable for the intended application and environment based upon factors such as corrosion resistance andmechanical properties of the material. Please see page 15 for more information on selecting fasteners based upon corrosion resistance.

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Ideal for the quality application of Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles, for blind-nailing Fiber Cement Siding, for attaching Backerboard, for nailing felt. Packed in convenient job packs of 3,600 nails – in plain shank and ring shank.


The well-balanced and powerful coil nailer is your powered fastening solution for the installation of siding, including ber cement products . This tools drives smooth, ring, and screw shank coil nails in both wire and plastic sheet collation. All-day durability and dependability are designed in. And with convenience and performance features like a selectable trigger, clear magazine door, and precise depth of drive control, will help you achieve the professional results your customers demand.


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