Barrel Bolt

A latch is a type of mechanical fastener that is used to join two (or more) objects or surfaces together while allowing for the regular or eventual separation of the objects or surfaces. A latch typically engages another piece of hardware on the other mounting surface. Depending upon the type and design of the latch, this engaged bit of hardware may be known as a keeper or strike. Note that a latch is not the same as the locking mechanism of a door.

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High strength alloy steel double end stud- , fully-threaded stud and heavy hex nut applied on petrochemical industry, boiler and wind power generation. 

Brass Barrel Nut and Bolt Lathe Parts1.Brass material; 
1.Passivation surface; 
2.Used widely. 
3.Lathed part; 
4.Round,cap nut.


  • Application

Electronic equipment,Machinery,Buildings,Sanitary fittings,Sports equipment,etc.


  • Grade

Class 4.8, Class 6.8, Class 8.8, Class 10.9, Class 12.9,etc.



  • Heat treatment

Tempering,Hardening,Spheroidizing,Stress Relieving.




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