Metric Nut

A metric nut is a special type of nut specifically designed to be welded to another object. This fasteners are welded onto another metal piece and can bridge gaps or seams. A weld nut is able to be used in restricted or limited space areas.

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·         The tool is simple, small and light

·         The contact surfaces of the screw or bolt are protected from external damage

·         There are six contact surfaces between bolt and driver

·         The tool can be used with a headless screw

·         The screw can be inserted into its hole using the key

·         Torque is constrained by the length and thickness of the key

·         Very small bolt heads can be accommodated

·         The tool can be manufactured very cheaply, so one is often included with products requiring end-user assembly.

·         Either end of the tool can be used to take advantage of reach or torque

·         The tool is L-shaped

·         The tool can be reconditioned using an electric grinder by removing the worn-out part, and then it works like new

·         The hexagon is typically a smaller diameter than would be used with an external cap, and is more likely to round off its contact surfaces.

·         It is much more difficult to turn a damaged (rounded or otherwise) internal fastener than an external one.



·         Furniture

·         Appliance

·         Automobile

·         Electronic industry

·         Hardware &electrical

·         Machinery

·         Building

·         Infrastructure


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