Slotted Machine Screw

Slotted Machine Screws are similar to bolts in that they have a head and shank, along the shank is machined a thread, while machine screws are able to be used with a nut they are more commonly designed to be screwed into a threaded housing, machine screws are available in a range of thread patterns and are designed for precision.

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·         Durable

·         Reliable

·         Customization facility available

·         Perfect finish

·         Light in weight

·         Dimensional accuracy



·         Machine Screws are often used with nuts or driven into tapped holes

·         Stainless Steel is suitable where formability and cost are important considerations

·         Flat head style allows fastener to sit flush to the surface

·         Driven by a flat-bladed driver

·         Coarse threads are better for brittle materials, and will assemble and disassemble more quickly than fine threads



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