Aluminium Rivet

Aluminium Rivet consists of a tubular stainless steel body with a mandrel, or retention piece, through its center. The mandrel keeps the rivet in place as the worker uses a rivet gun to pull the body through, allowing the remaining piece to snap off.

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Aluminium rivets can be used for a variety of applications. In particular, they have been integral in the creation of the leading edges of aircraft wings, as well as other aircraft spaces where worker access is limited, such as trailing edges. To make the process of riveting more ergonomic to the worker, as well as more economical in general, blind rivets are now used for many more functions, as well.

When a worker fastens a rivet from the front alone, it is referred to as blind setting. To engage in blind setting, he or she will first insert the rivet shaft into a hole previously drilled between two object parts that are to be affixed to one another. A blind rivet tool, such as a rivet gun, will then be used to drive the mandrel into the rivet.

After the rivet body flares against the unaccessible side, the "blind end" will then snap off. The mandrel's head will remain where the objects are connected, securing the two parts together. The mandrel's long stem, or body, is ejected in the process, either falling to the floor, or in to a waste bin.



·         Strong but lower cost fastener

·         Ideal for a wide range of application

·         Available in a variety of materials

·         Dome countersunk or large flange head styles

·         Painted finishes available to match surrounding colour

·         Good quality

·         Competitive price

·         Prompt delivery

·         Best after-sale service



·         Low Voltage Electrical Appliances and Households

·         Switch Relay

·         Thermal Controller

·         Circuit Breaker Contactor

·         Controller Timer

·         Aircraft

·         Aerospace

·         Precision electronics

·         Appliance

·         Automotive

·         Brake

·         Furniture

·         Consumer products and recreational vehicles.



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