Gas cutting nozzles

A gas cutting nozzle is an instrument used in oxy-fuel welding. The instrument is a pipe shaped tube varying in size along the length of its body with a narrower diameter at its mouth. The nozzle is used to control the rate of flow, speed, shape and pressure of the stream that comes out of them.

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The gas cutting nozzle is a tool used to obtain a precise cut along the length of a material. The tool used will have two pipes, one for fuel gas and other for oxygen blast. The operator can adjust the flow accordingly.
There are several factors to be considered while selecting a cutting nozzle. They are,
1.    Thickness of steel to be cut.
2.    Type of cutting bore used. Either cylindrical bore or divergent bore.
3.    Preheat gas to be used
4.    Type of cutting needed. For example, shape cutting, bevel cutting etc.
5.    Composition and characteristics of the material to be cut.
The process of cutting today finds it necessary to increase the bore diameter as the thickness of the plate increases. This is because the velocity of the stream decreases as the distance between nozzle and the workpiece increases.
The welding nozzle holds a chamber to mix the fuel gas with oxygen
The design of the bore plays an important role in getting the right quality cut as well as in maintaining a minimal oxygen consumption.
There are two types of bore design,
1.    Cylindrical bores
These are most commonly used in hand cutting and machine cutting of thin materials. Typical cutting oxygen pressure is around 30-70 psig.
2.    Divergent bores
They are typically used for thicker materials.  It is also a high speed cutting instrument compared to a cylindrical bore. Its typical cutting oxygen pressure is around 70-120 psig.
 In spite of its speed, it consumes less oxygen. It uses plasma for relatively thin materials and gas for thicker materials.
The exit pressure is a function of ratio of the exit size of the nozzle. So the pressure is determined by the manufacturer of the tip depending upon the ratios chosen.
These are some of the basic requirements for oxy-fuel cutting,
1.    The temperature at which the gas is ignited in the nozzle should be less than the melting point of the material to prevent the material to melt and flow away before cutting.
2.    The coating of oxide must have a lower melting point than the surrounding and it should be easily blown away by the oxygen jet.
3.    The oxidation reaction happening between the oxygen and metal must maintain the ignition temperature constant.
4.    The products of the gaseous reaction should not dilute the oxygen.
1.    ROSE BUD TORCH: It heats metals for bending or straightening.
2.    INJECTOR TORCH: It gives an equal pressure throughout the process of welding by mixing a specific ratio of two gasses.
•    Easy to use
•    Can be used on Wide range of materials with varying thickness
•    Economical means obtaining a precise weld.
•    Rapid cutting speeds.


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Seema S

What is the right type of seat? Posted on 8/18/2016

One must be aware of manufacturer or the model no. of the tip of the nozzle. This is because the tip of the nozzle determines the type of seat to use in a gas cutting torch. Seats vary greatly with the model of the torch. If the seat does not match the nozzle, it might lead to flammable gas leakage.

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