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Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW or FCA) is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding process. FCAW requires a continuously-fed consumable tubular electrode containing a flux and a constant-voltage or, less commonly, a constant-current welding power supply.

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high deposition flux cored electrode designed for joining structural components made of low carbon steel and can be used to weld over some primer compositions. The electrode is designed to be used with 100% CO2 gas shielding. Dual Shield 111-RB can achieve deposition efficiency above 88%. This increases the amount of deposit achieved over a given period of time, as compared to a standard Dual Shield E70T-1 electrode.

Welding fluxes protect the weld pool and enable high productive and robust welding conditions for manufacturing industries.

welding fluxes have non-alloying characteristics for optimized welding performance and consistent weld metallurgy.

All welding fluxes are agglomerated and packed in hermetically sealed metallic containers. welding fluxes can be used directly from unopened containers, without re-baking, up to five years after the manufacturing date.







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