Co2 Welding Wires

Co2 Welding wire is a copper coated solid wire. It is used in general engineering and structural application. It gives spatter free welding with CO2 gas and Ar + CO2 gas mixtures. It is available in different sizes as per the requirement.

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Product Description:

There are two types of flux cored wires: gas shielded and self shielded. Gas shielded flux cored wires require external shielding gas and the slag is easy to remove. The operator may want to consider using gas shielded flux cored wires when welding on thicker metals or in out-of-position applications.

Gas shielded flux cored wires have a flux coating that solidifies more quickly than the molten weld material. As a result, it creates a "shelf" to hold the molten pool when welding overhead or vertically up.

Self shielding flux cored wire does not require external shielding gas; the weld pool is protected by gas generated when flux from the wire is burned. As a result, self-shielding flux cored wire is more portable because it does not require an external gas tank.



The primary features of our Co2 welding wire are smooth flow with steady arc together with minimal spatter.

▪     Flexibility

▪     High strength

▪     Perfect finish



Co2 Welding Wires is used for automobile bodies, bridges ship containers railway rolling stock, bogies, storage tanks and general structural fabrication works.

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