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A nylock nut, also referred to as a nylon insert lock nut, polymer insert lock nut, or elastic stop nut, is a kind of locknut. It is a nut with a nylon washers insert that resists turning.

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A nylock nut, also referred to as a nylon insert lock nut, polymer insert lock nut, or elastic stop nut, is a kind of locknut. It is a nut with a nylon washers insert that resists turning.

A nylock nut is a hardware device that incorporates a nylon component to effectively lock the nut into position on the bolt. The nylon component of the nyloc nut has a smaller inside diameter than the real nut, thereby acting to lock the nut in place by squeezing the nylon firmly around the bolt when tightened. Disimilar to a standard locking washer, the nyloc nut prevents the nut from loosening under vibration as the nylon is tight wedged into the bolt threads and provides resistance to turning once tightened.

 Nylock Nuts have a nylon ring insert at the end of the nut. This is a self-locking device to stop the nut undoing under constant vibration or load variations. Because of this Nylon, Nyloc Nuts not suitable for use where the temperature is liable to exceed 120 degrees Celsius. For uses where high temperatures are incurred. All Stainless Locking Nuts are available .  Metric Nylock Nuts are made to Din 985 standard.  All Nylock Nuts should be used with a lubricant such as Nickel Anti-Seize to prevent'Galling'. 



Size M6-M24 or non-standard as request&design
Surface Plain, black, zinc-plated, HDG, passivated, YZP, etc

Steel: C45, C46, C20

Alloy Steel

Grade 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
Non-standards OEM is available, according to drawing or samples

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