Self Clinching Nut

These load-bearing threaded fasteners for thin sheets (aluminum, steel, and other ductile materials) have a clinching ring that locks the displaced metal behind the tapered shank ensuring high pushout resistance. High torque-out resistance is ensured when the knurled platform is embedded in the sheet metal. It is available in M02-M33 & above thread size with length ranging from 3mm to 200 mm.

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Self-Clinching fasteners provide strong load bearing male or female threads in thin steel and aluminium panels. Utilising a special proven clinch feature, this fastener has excellent torque-out and push-out characteristics whilst providing a flush finish on the underside of the panel.



Provide strong threads or attachment in metal as thin as 0.30 mm / .012″.

May be installed using any parallel acting squeezing force.

Provide high pushout and torque-out resistance.

Do not require special hole preparation, such as chamfering and deburring.

Reverse side of metal sheet remains flush – no swaged rim projects.

No retapping necessary after application.

Low installed costs.



They are used chiefly where good pullout and torque loads are required in sheet metal that is too thin to provide secure fastening by any other method. Even if the sheet is thick enough to sustain tapping, it may actually be more economical to use self-clinching fasteners with gaugeable threads. 

They can be installed during fabrication or during final assembly to eliminate loose hardware.

They support a thinner sheet metal, and permit a real reduction in installed cost over the cost of other fastener designs. 




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